Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before applying for the membership of Olympian Plus. Once the application being approved successful, that means you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.


Terms & Conditions for Olympian Plus Membership Programme

1. Eligible Applicants

1.1 Full-time students aged between 13 and 21 with a valid student identity card.


2. Application Procedure

2.1 Applications for Olympian Plus membership are to be submitted on-line. Applicants must complete the following procedures in person at the Concierge, G/F, North Atrium, Olympian City 2:

– Make a spending of HK$200 or above at any tenant at Olympian City and complete the application with the original and machine-printed same-day receipt.

2.2 Applicants must present a valid student ID card for proof of identity and verification. The staff have the right to request the applicants to prove the date of birth by presenting the HKID.

2.3 The staff will activate membership accounts for successful applicants and issue membership cards.

2.4 Should an applicant fail to provide ID proof(s) or complete the aforementioned procedure, his/her application may be postponed or refused.


3. Membership

3.1. Unless otherwise specified by Olympian City, full-time students aged between 13 and 21 are eligible to apply for the Olympian Plus membership.

3.2 Membership Card – The Olympian Plus e-card or physical card is non-transferable and cannot be shared.

3.3 A handling fee of HK$30 will be charged for each replacement card should the original physical membership card be rendered invalid due to loss, damage, defacement or destruction (e.g. bent or scratched card). Olympian City is not responsible for any loss arising out of the loss of membership card.

3.4 Members shall have their membership automatically expired upon reaching the age of 25.

3.5 The Olympian Plus Member must agree and accept that the email address provided may be used for communication regarding the membership programme, promotions, rewards and events.


4. Redemption & Event Quotas

4.1 Quotas of redemption or events – Olympian Plus will offer members different rewards and events at different periods of time. Each redemption and event may be subject to specific terms & conditions. Details on redemption and event registration are published on Olympian Plus webpage.

4.2 Redemption quotas – Quotas may be imposed on redemption or events.

4.3 Redemption methods – Members can redeem rewards and register for events everyday between 12nn and 9pm at locations designated by Olympian Plus or reserve the redemption and event quotas through Olympian Plus webpage. Olympian City shall have discretion over the final decision to accept or refuse any redemptions or registrations.

4.4 All approved redemption or registration cannot be reversed, cancelled, exchanged for cash or any other rewards in any cases whatsoever.

4.5 All redemptions of rewards and event quotas must be made within designated redemption periods. Redemptions will be deemed invalid after the designated redemption periods.

4.6 Only Members who have received a confirmation notice from Olympian Plus are eligible for event participation. Participating members of these events are subject to terms & conditions.


Please contact our staff at the Concierge for details.